Our Movement

Boycott Koch Brothers stand for the right of every citizen in the United States against the evil doings of the people who have the means but just use it to step on others. We are fighting for the sake of the nation to be free from the corrupt that are tarnishing the economy of the country. If the wealthy and powerful can connive to get what they want, by all means, the norm of the nation can fight as well. We will never back down until we can destroy the league of the powerful men who are monopolizing the economy through the unjust things that they are doing. We know that it is a long battle and the most influential people in the country are involved but despite how hard the battle would be, we will do everything we can to expose the people who serve as leeches in the country.

We are declaring war against corruption that has been crippling the nation. The people who hold power has no conscience to the general public who are not as rich as them. These people need to realize that in every dime the take through their devious ways, is another average American life they ruin.