Important Rules For Writing a Doctor’s Note

It isn’t so easy to find a legitimate way to get a day off.  Even though studies show that working more than 50 hours/week makes you less productive, the demands in today’s job market are higher than ever before.  The good news is that there are tricks to getting a day off here and there without using vacation time.  One of the best ways is to fake a doctor’s note.

working long hours hurts productivity

There are multiple doctor’s note templates that are available online on different websites. Free and paid, both kinds of templates are available online, but we strictly recommend you to use the paid one because free templates are unprofessional and they can put your job at risk.  You can check these guys out for much more detailed info as well as templates you can use.

Therefore, we recommend you to prevent using any free templates even if they claim to be amazing.

Now that you have learned the way of preparing a perfect doctor’s note, it’s time for you to read some important rules that may help you keep yourself secure from getting into any kind of trouble.

Let’s have a look at the important rules that will help you get away with your fake doctor’s note.

Avoid talking about fake Doctor’s Notes:

It should not be any surprise that keeping the doctor’s note secret from everyone is the first rule of getting away with it. Your best interest should be trying hard to keep it confidential. Also, if your excuse describes something that is a really embarrassing medical condition, and it’s not too far-fetched, that’ll work even better. Try to keep it as short as possible, thus, you’ll have to remember fewer white lies.

The reason why you should keep it confidential is that your statement regarding the sickness may differ in various conditions, therefore, try to avoid such practice.

The Recipient’s Point-of-View:

Complying a blank doctor’s note is just like playing a magic trick: either you do it right without getting noticed or you commit a mistake that ruins the entire illusion. Look the sick note as a recipient when producing one. You should consider using another template if the document appears unbelievable to you. The goal is to keep in mind that your deception will fall apart if it is discovered.

Memorize the details:

Remember that your fake doctor’s paperwork will become a part of your record once you decide to submit it to work.

Confidence is the Key:

You should try to maintain the confidence when complying your fake sick note as if the form was an authentic one. You should be prepared to end the conversation by mentioning medical confidentiality laws if someone starts questioning about your situation.

The majority of the people will avoid pressing the subject further once you demonstrate resistance and a desire for privacy as they will realize that it is none of their business.

We hope that these particular rules will help you prepare your next doctor’s note in a professional way without any risks of getting caught.  If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!