Fantastic Heating Equipment For Your Massage Chairs

Owning a massage chair is like having your spa and massage therapist. There are different companies in the market that are designing massage chairs for their precious clients. Massages are very relaxing at the end of the day, but you need the right equipment to massage back, neck, and even leg cramps. You can relieve all your stress and stiffness of the body with a good massage chair. Here are some fantastic massage chairs with heat function reviews 2017. We hope, these reviews will help you make the final buying decision. 

Space Saving L-Track Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with heating therapy 

This massage chair by Kahuna has three levels of gravity. It is a specially designed frame structure with airbag system and zero gravity positions. The chair has a shape of roller trail that is designed to support to your neck, back and all the way to buttocks. The position in which you sit on the chair decompresses each spine of the body increasing the effects of massage. The second stage of zero gravity is more reclines and effective. The double layer shoulder bags provide full supports to your arms and shoulders so you can relax your body on the chair and enjoy a thorough massage. Zero gravity feature of the chair helps to spread the user’s weight across the chair, leading to a comfortable posture. There is an auto yoga stretching function in this massage chair. The foot area in the massage chair has dual foot rollers that work on the foot muscles and focus on the trigger points. The therapeutic effects of the chair are incredibly effective, and you will feel the results immediately. Another amazing feature is the body scan technology, which measures your body automatically and sets the chair for a custom fit body massage.

RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus full massage chair with built-in heating system 

This chair is made of high end material and great technology. It has four auto-programs and three massage intensity levels. The massage chair includes body scanning system that examines that most stressed part of your body and then works on them. There are rollers in the chair that work on the spine and release all the pressure. Airbags massage technology works on your legs, back, arms and hips. It is an easy to assemble chair with a well-equipped remote control to help you chose between preferable massage modes and intensity levels.

HomCom Deluxe massage recliner chair with heating system

The silky cream finish of the chair makes it a desirable massage chair for your bedroom or living room. Given endless benefits and heating system to rejuvenate your body, this is a good choice to get comfortable at the day end and pull off all the stress and body tension. There are four focus areas in the chair including, back, lumbar area, thighs and legs. With a rotation limit of 360 degrees it allows to perform a number of tasks without having to move from the chair. It has five massaging functions including two intensity levels. The heating system of the chair is added to improve the blood circulation.

These massage chairs are good to go with nay room décor as you can find a variety of colors in them. Heating system in a massage chair promotes healthy blood circulation, preventing health issues like blood pressure and clotting.