A Look At Melbourne’s Political Environment And Where It Is Headed

Australia is a politically stable, prosperous and peaceful country and the political environment in Melbourne also reflects these qualities. Melbourne is one of the major cities of the country and has a lot of International and national companies which have established their offices here. At the same time, people from all over the country and even other parts of the world call Melbourne home. This is the reason that the culture of the city, although influenced by politics, is unique. One thing that the politics and culture of the city are considered is that they are liberal when it comes to subjects like Melbourne’s Tran Siu and other subjects which raise eyebrows in other parts of the world. Let us take a look at the current political climate of the city.

The system of government in Australia and Melbourne

Australia follows the British system of Democracy where the Monarch of UK is also the Monarch of Australia, and there is an upper and lower parliament which is headed by the prime minister. Melbourne like other cities in the country is governed by the governor of the state who is nominated by the government and is ratified by the monarchy. However, the governor mainly has a ceremonial position and has little say in the political matters. What’s more like most democracies the legal system of Australia and hence Melbourne is independent of the political system. Travel and relocation throughout the country are not limited, and there is no national identity card or similar document. The citizens of Melbourne value their freedom a lot and regard their country very highly although they are usually not patriotic outwardly.

How politics affects business in Melbourne

Melbourne is a free market economy as most democratic states are. The relative political stability in Australia in spite of the recent upheaval has led to the growth and development of the country in many ways. This is the reason that businesses are flourishing in this city. The services sector dominate the economy of Melbourne like the rest of the country. Although agriculture and mining sectors account for 57% of the exports in Australia, Melbourne is completely urbanized and does not take part in this sector.

The growth of the economy in Melbourne owes thanks to the stable government in the country, healthy politics and massive natural resources. Both the political parties – Australian Labor party and Liberal party have been instrumental in the modernization of the economy in the large cities like Melbourne and all over the country. This is the reason that cities like Melbourne in Australia are booming with wealth and well being of the citizens. In fact, 17 years of economic growth have been recorded in the year 1992 and during these years both the parties have been in power. Hence it can be said that the average politician in Australia and its larger cities like Melbourne is committed to the growth of the country.

As mentioned above, matters like trans-sexuality and others are also taken very liberally in the country. The city of Melbourne has a free culture with no political interference in the day-to-day lifestyles of the people. This is the reason that people in the city of Melbourne breathe and live freely.