Comparing hair and dress codes for women across different countries

The hair and dress codes of all the countries and continents are different from each other. There are some countries where women are focused on looking hot and sexy, therefore, they wear tights and shorts to look beautiful. Similarly, they also focus on wearing some hairstyles that may help improve their looks and beauty.

There are some other countries where women are strictly forbidden to wear such dresses and they’re bound to wear the dress that may help in hiding all their body parts. And they’re even forced to wear a scarf on their face. These are all the traditions of different countries and cultures. So, we have nothing to say about the traditions and cultures. However, today we’ll talk about some dress codes and hairstyles that are popular all around the world.

We can’t cover the dress codes of all the countries in such a short article, therefore, we have decided to talk about some famous hairstyles and dress codes that will cover some aspects of all other dress codes. Here are some of the hair and dress codes that are popular all around the world.

Jeans and T-shirt

Jeans and T-shirt is a very common costume that is worn almost in every country. There are plenty of designs available that are suitable for different regions. Usually, American, European, and Russian women wear this type dress. The Russian women usually wear such type of dress throughout the year as they do not have any other option because the region they’re living is intense cold. However, they still look super sexy in this dress as well. Long straight hair fashion is very among the women that like to wear and Jeans and T-shirts because the long straight hairs suit them the most. However, some of the also like to have a bob cut as it is also a suitable hairstyle for t-shirts.


The saree is the most common dress of Asian countries. India is the main origin of this dress code as it became popular all around the world due to the Indian women.  The Indian women are very careful about hiding their body parts, therefore, they consider wearing such type of dresses. Indian women like to have long straight hair due to the dress they usually wear. However, the trend is changing now and the new generation has started wearing jeans and skirts to look beautiful.

Short skirts

The short skirts are very popular in the Japanese and Chinese women as they look very beautiful and gorgeous in this type of dress. Most of the Chinese women like to have Peruvian hair because this type of hairstyle is perfect for the short skirts. The short skirts are also common in European countries but they do not wear them more often.