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Thai military government doesn’t advise to bring beach chairs

beach chairs reviewThe first part of Thai military government anti-corruption test started three years ago, with the controversial decision to ban vendors from renting beach chairs, umbrellas, and other paraphernalia. This was the official reason for making the decision, but there were other speculations. One that prevailed was addressing the anti-corruption movement, which should raise the effectiveness of Thai government effort in dealing with the vendors.

What cluttered beaches and corruption have in common

The golden wire in the Thailand economy is tourism. Beautiful sandy beaches, warm climate, and several exotic islands gave this country all the resources to set up a profitable business. As with many other tourist attractions, one thing leads to another, and checking out beach chairs reviews for your upcoming vacation is pointless now. Local business owners and service providers soon started to expand their offer, which poured the money into the pockets. However, since 2014 when the military government was established, the things slowly began to change.

The government enforced a strict regulation on the businesses that are operating at Phuket’s beaches and made them withdraw their services. That includes cleaning up the beaches by removing beach chairs and umbrellas from some of the Thailand’s most famous beaches on Phuket island.

The beach chair mafia

At the time the government issued the ban on using the umbrellas and beach chairs on public beaches, the government officials raised the question on “beach chair mafia.” Although they didn’t offer a formal proof for this claim, the government used this statement as the primary argument for anti-corruption movement. However, some tourists have reported that renting beach chairs and umbrellas on Phuket’s beaches had become a profitable business. The locals were competing in a high-margin market to get their products to the visitors, but the government apparently wasn’t delighted by these activities.

The initial results of government’s anti-corruption test were negative, as local business owners and tourists felt angry because of the restrictive measures. The actions caused a rise in unemployment rate in this area of Thailand, which left many families without a steady income. On the other hand, tourists were also surprised by these measures, mainly because they couldn’t take their beach chairs and umbrellas with them.

Updates on beach anti-corruption movement

A few months ago, the news broke about Thai government release of 2014 ban of clutter on Phuket beaches. Although the government stated that the comeback of sun loaders and umbrellas is a temporary measure, the locals and tourists greeted the moving forward regarding this matter. Two out of nine beaches support the rent of beach chairs and umbrellas, but only in restricted areas of the beaches. The rule of the “10% zone” is a sign of release from the 2014 ban, but the question of how long will this measure be useful remains.

There are still speculations on the reasons behind the reversal of the 2014 policy, and the results of the three-year ban are still under the light of the public eye in Thailand.

What’s the difference between stun gun and taser?

Are you the one who always wants to have a collection of guns but you don’t have enough experience to understand what’s the difference between them. The major confusion is with the stun gun and Taser.

Come and take a look at handheld Taser vs stun gun.


In some countries now it’s legal to keep the stun gun with you but in some countries, it’s still not allowed to keep them. At the time of working stun gun has the power to produce high voltage current which is the reason for severe pain.

When you use it on someone then it affects the nervous system for the time but it doesn’t give you any injury inside. The stun gun takes about 3 to 5 seconds to work and in this time the gun makes the person numb to perform any function.

According to the research and study, it has been seen that stun gun doesn’t affect your heart and brain after you are back to your normal life. You will feel numbness for the certain time period and then you will be good to go like you used to.


When you are using a stun gun then keep this thing in mind that it works best on some parts of your body where nerves are in high numbers. Like if you using it on neck or hips then you can see the visible results on the other person.

Nerves are easy to catch the current and to make the person numb for the time being. When you are using the stun gun on someone then you can be satisfied that this is not going to hurt them for the lifetime.


On the other hand, Taser is not like the stun gun at all. It has the ability to attack the motor and nervous system at the same time and it can also disable you for a long time. Taser doesn’t depend on the pain but on the right target.



The metal probes of the Taser gun are 15 feet in length. When someone uses them on the other person then these probes attach themselves to the person’s skin and make them disable and shocked. It produces electrical impulses.

The motor system which is located under the muscles gets affected by the action of Taser. You will be able to use it on the target from the 15 feet of distance. Taser do direct contact with the body and penetrates about 2 inches inside a cloth.

With the help of one button, you can turn the Taser into Stun gun and it will function almost like the stun. By pressing that button Taser is going to release the probes towards the target to attack it.

There is no guarantee of Taser gun when you are using it because it can hurt you deeply and it can damage your nervous system as well as a motor system due to the high voltage metal probes attacking the target.