The 4 Most Corrupt Politicians That Served The American Government

The United States of America is home to the most corrupt politicians of all time. It became a culture to the public, and that is the reason why it is widely practiced in the country. Check out the politicians that started the plague of corruption in the United States of America.

1. William Tweed


He was known to be Boss Tweed during his reign in service. He is the icon of extreme political corruption. Asking favors, buying votes and deals with his constituents was his favorite topics when dealing with people. Imagine how he managed to increase the debt of the town up to a hundred million dollars. He can do wonders with his connections.

2. Ray Blanton


He was a part of the House of Representatives, and he even won the post of a Governor dated 1975. His kind of corruption specialty was inclined criminal corruption. If not for a deal made by the chief county, there is no way that you will let go of a murderer to walk back on the streets.

3. Budd Dwyer


His favorite crime was bribery and fraud. Campaign donations should be used for the campaign itself, but with Budd Dwyer, an amount of around three hundred thousand dollars donations was taken. He was also faced with numerous counts of frauds, but he decided to make thing easier for himself. He committed suicide to dodge the bullet of the sentence that will be given to him with all the charges of multiple fraudulent activities.

4. Edwin Edwards


It seems that we have the complete recipe for the absolute corruption in the United States. Now that we have mentioned Edwin Edwards, it’s time to reveal his specialty. It is none other than extortion. He was able to put up a good run though because it took a while before all the evidence were collated to be used against him in Washington.  He was also known to have ties to, which as everyone knows was prone to all sorts of misbehavior.

With all these four crooked politicians of their time, it is not impossible that the culture they have laid out in public were widely utilized by others who are just like them.

The 3 Top Strategies That Can End Corruption If Implemented The Right Way

Corruption is what’s common in all nations all over the globe. We can’t say anything more about that because it is true but since it has been a widespread problem, some strategies were designed to end corruption. It can work but only if it will be implemented correctly. We could be asking for a miracle to happen but everyone will have a change of heart and move on towards change, there is a possibility that it can happen. Check out the top strategies can end corruption.

1. Better compensation for public servants

Washington, DC, February 10, 2010 – Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Craig Fugate today swore in Richard Devylder, Special Advisor to the Secretary for the California Emergency Management Agency, and James G. Featherstone, General Manager of the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department, as members of FEMA’s National Advisory Council (NAC). The NAC—comprised of emergency management and law enforcement leaders from state, local and tribal government and the private sector—advises the FEMA Administrator on all aspects of disaster preparedness and management to ensure close coordination with all partners across the country. “The National Advisory Council helps ensure communication and cooperation among the nation’s broad emergency management team,” said Administrator Fugate. “These new members are experienced and dedicated public servants whose backgrounds in preparedness and emergency management make them valuable additions to the National Advisory Council.” FEMA/Terry Monrad

The individuals who have access to the government resources are the ones who are serving the public. If there is anyone who can make things happen, it is the public servants. The best way to keep them from doing crimes is to compensate them in a much better way. Come to think of it, what is the top reason why people commit a crime? It’s because what they are getting are not sufficient for their needs.

2. Transparency With The Government Expenses


This strategy should be a walk in the park because if there is nothing to hide, the transparency shouldn’t be a big deal. It is the best way that the taxpayers can see where the money they are paying going to. If it is open to the people, we can avoid billions of dollars just to disappear.

3. Stop the red tape


It is the first thing that should be stopped if we want a chance to end the corruption. We should all stop doing and asking favors when it comes to government needs. It has been a long practice of the red tape culture, and it’s about time that we get rid of it for good.

We should not lose hope. We still have an opportunity as long as people will learn to cooperate for the benefit of the public.


7 Things That Will Prove The Rampant Corruption In America

We all know that corruption is a rampant thing all throughout the world but even in the good country of America where they say you can live the American dream is no exemption to the evil ways of corruption. Here are the things that will prove how widespread corruption is in the United States.

1. Prostitution rings are very common in the United States, and the worst part of it is the Drug Enforcement who is supposed to catch the drug cartels took it up to another level where they ran prostitution.

2. The credit cards of the Pentagon government employees are supposedly used for public service, but in this case, they are using it to pay for escort services and gambling for the benefit of themselves. Politico made a great report on this.

3. Cooking is supposed to be good most especially if it can feed a lot of people, but in the United States, the Treasury Department is the institution who let banks cook their books.

4. IRS should be the organization that will monitor people who are cheating their ways through the taxes but what has been done is that they even promote their employees who are the ones cheating their taxes.

5. Even a fifth grader can tell that something is going on if the Congress itself will declare that they cannot be investigated about inside trading accusations.

6. Arresting people for a crime is what the Law Enforcement has to do but taking things like cash and valuables from these people is not something included in their job description.

7. People pay for tax, but it is our rights to know where our money goes. It is not the best news to hear if more than $8.5 trillion is somewhere in the zephyr that can’t be identified on where the money went.
With all the things stated, you can be the judge if America can be considered the most corrupt country in the world.

8.  Banks allowing to sell cheap credit to people who obviously can’t pay it back. If you have been a party to one of these heinous scams go to: How to Remove a Bankruptcy from Your Credit Report … Details on the Instagram Page.