“A politician divides mankind into two classes: tools and enemies.”
(Friedrich Nietzsche)      The same can be said of the Kochs

Boycott Koch Products - Boycott Koch Brothers

The Koch brothers, in their selfish quest for more money and power,
continue to assault the working men and women of America.


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Boycott Koch Products
       Koch Consumer Products:

Koch Products & Companies Include:

- Angel Soft
- Angel Soft Ultra
- Brawny paper towels
- Dixie cups (& napkins & plates)
- Insulair cups
- Perfect Touch cups, paper products
- Quilted Northern
- Sparkle paper towels
- Stainmaster
- Vanity Fair napkins & paper towels
- Mardis Gras napkins
- Zee Napkins
- Georgia Pacific products

Home/Office papers:
- Advantage
- Image Plus
- Spectrum

- American Greetings
    (Kochs own minority
- Guardian Glass
    (Kochs own 44%)

- Stainmaster
- Lycra
- Teflon

Building supplies:
- Georgia Pacific

Canadian Tar Sands

- Holiday Companies
- Gander Mountain 
- American Greetings

Publix house brands
Greenwise brand bath tissue, paper towels, napkins and facial tissue are from Koch-owned Georgia Pacific.

How can I avoid buying Koch gasoline?
If you live in an area where a Koch refinery is located, you probably can't, unless you buy an electric vehicle.

Minnesota Koch gas & oil:
"If you buy from Holiday or Kwiktrip you are very likely to be getting Koch gas

Koch Products
Print A List to take to the store with you

Much of the Kochs' (David and Charles) comes from industrial operations:

  • Koch Pipeline Company LP:; owns and operates 4,000 miles of pipeline used to transport oil, natural gas liquids and chemicals
  • Flint Hill Resources LP, that operates oil refineries in six states.
  • Koch Fertilizer, LLC, owns or has interests in fertilizer plants the United States, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago and Italy.
  • Matador Ranch in Texas
  • Oil Speculation: Ranked among top 10 global commodities traders.
  • Oil Sands: Kochs' Flint Hills Resources Canada LP already imports & refines 25% of Canada's oil sands and operates a crude oil terminal in Canda. Kochs stand to profit from increased tar sands flow.

Koch Candidates
Who are the Kochs & their fellow plutocrats buying?


I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations
which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength,
and bid defiance to the laws of our country.

...Thomas Jefferson


In the US, it has been estimated that the top one per cent own a third of total wealth, while the top five per cent own 59 per cent.

THE world’s richest one per cent is actually richer than previously thought, according to a new study by the European Central Bank. (source)

Do you think the Kochs really give a rat's ass about
the working class? Other than using them to promote
their agenda (think "teabaggers")?

A Look Inside Chuckie Koch's Brain
(It ain't a pretty sight)

Chuckie Koch, or one of his minions, wrote an editorial which appeared at USA Today. In it, Chuckie spells out his version of what's wrong with America and the economy. You know the schtick: We need less (or no) government, we need less regulation, and if you're out of work, "Go find a job".

It demonstrates how out of touch with, and how ignorant he is, of the real problems facing Americans.

See for yourself. And be sure to visit some of the links at the bottom of the page (which is something Chuckie should have done before writing that tripe).


The Danger To Democracy Posed By The Kochs


The Kochs Know How To Make REAL Money:
Steal Oil From Native Americans
("Economic Freedom")

CSPAN video of U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing
discussing the Kochs' theft of native Americans' oil:

Now THIS must be what the Kochs mean by "economic freedom".

Read about the Koch brothers oil theft

Why it pays to buy politicians: Republicans saved the Kochs' ass

Do you have a website?

Free detailed visitor stats:


What "Economic Freedom" really means

George Carlin Explains How That "Economic Independence" Stuff Works
(And Why The Kochsters Stick Their Noses In Education)

Koch Brothers Extremism Started With Father Fred

Lisa Graves, at the Center for Media and Democracy's PR Watch
has written an informative article about the Koch brothers
and the origin of their extremism: Their father Fred.

The Koch Brothers: The Extremist Roots Run Deep

Some women and men spend their lives rebelling against their father or mother, but others follow in their footsteps or yearn for their approval. Some become friends.

A few spend millions to make their parents' vision a reality.

Charles and David Koch are among those few.

Read more


Like His Dad, Charles Koch Was a Bircher (New Documents)

Koch Brothers Exposed 2014 Edition


Propaganda And Disinformation Work
The Kochs Know That,
and use it to their advantage
Trailer for a new documentary
The Brainwashing of my Dad:

The website for "Brainwashing My Dad"


Vote No Koch Are you a candidate for office in 2014?

Do you oppose the actions and philosophy of the Koch brothers and their ilk?

Visit VoteNoKoch.org to have your information included.

Charles Koch Chuckie Koch makes a feeble and failed effort to whitewash himself in a letter published by Rupert Murdochs's right-wint rag, "The Wall Street Journal". The heat must be getting to Chuckie for him to crawl out of his worm hole. The scary part: He may really believe that he and Davey can save the United States from itself...if only the country lets Chuckie and Davey run it.

Koch spending.

This is what "economic freedom" looks like:

The Kochsters Sticking Their Nose In Small-Town Politics (Again)


The "Unions Outspend Kochs" Myth

Kochs and right-wingers complain, "Yeah but what
about all that money those UNIONS spend on politics?"
They, and some media, often cite this report at OpenSecrets.org


Union Political Spending

Koch political spending vs union political spending

Get The Facts:

Read the oft-cited OpenSecrets.org "Heavy Hitters" report AND be sure to read the disclaimer: " It's also important to note that we aren't including donations to politically active dark money groups, like Americans for Prosperity, a group linked to the Koch brothers, or the liberal group Patriot Majority — because these groups hide their donors"

Read Lee Fang's article at "The Nation": The Koch Brothers Spent Twice as Much on the 2012 Election as the Top Ten Unions Combined

Koch brothers - Lucky sperm club

Kochs and Soros

Nothing Really Compares To

The Koch Brothers' Political Empire

Not liberal groups, not Soros, not the Tides Foundation

CertaPro Painters Franchise Sucks

CertaPro Painters Complaints

make money online

ding="5" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

More information from the International Forum on Globalization:
Koch Cash
Kochstone XL


Koch Brothers Political Empire
Continues To Metastasize

The Koch political empire continues to metastasize into what a Washington Post investigative article on January 5 calls "a far-reaching operation of unrivaled complexity, built around a maze of groups that cloaks its donors, according to an analysis of new tax returns and other documents. (Climate Science Watch)

Koch-backed political coalition, designed to shield donors, raised $400 million in 2012.
(Washington Post)

What would life look like in the Koch States of America?
North Carolina, with its mini-Koch, shows us:




As it turns out, Koch Industries' corporate PAC is a big supporter of many of the 20  "dissident" Republican House members who have been identified as the biggest thorns in the side of the Republican leadership on the shutdown and the debt ceiling. 

In fact, KochPAC and the conservative activist group Citizens United both stand out for their support of members of this group. 


Koch-funded and Koch-created AFP (Americans For Plutocrats) tells Republicans not to pass clean federal debt increase.

Bernie Sanders on the Kochs' involvement:

Corporations and the Plutocrats like the Kochs
say their money is simply "free speech".
We all know that's bullshit.


Join Rootstrikers.org

Some TRUTHS About Health Care (Refuting Kochster Lies):
Investigative reporter Kurt Eichnwald offers truths about our expensive privately-operated health care system:


Fan Mail:

From Joel:

Great site! Thank god for the Koch brothers in an ocean of suffocating liberal cunts! We';ll use the list to make sure we support them by buying their products

My reply:

Joel, it appears to me, is from the right-wing bubble. He, too, demonstrates the effect of prolonged exposure to political propaganda. He is also apparently unconcerned about oligarchy. But it is still a somewhat-free country and Joel is entitled to his opinion. That may change if the oligarchs assume full control. Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength and all that.

From Bob:

Dear Sen. Hagan I applaud you in your effort to get rid of the Koch brothers and the thousands of jobs that they brought to North Carolina millions that they pay in taxes and millions that they pay in payroll. Yes I would like to see North Carolina a wilderness where we would be free to live as we please . Without the Koch brothers feeding tax money into the welfare system the poor would have to leave. We will show them Kochs we can get along just fine without their silly work ethic and chance taking. I sure you can get DC to take care of us. God bless Miss Kay she will save us.

My reply:

Hi, Bob,

Thank you for visiting the website BoycottKochBrothers.com, and thank you for your comments.

Could you please elaborate on a few of the points you offer?

- How has Sen. Hagan tried to get rid of the Koch brothers and the thousands of jobs they brought to North Carolina?

- How much do the Koch brothers pay in taxes to North Carolina?

- Didn't North Carolina's Republican-led legislature enact tax breaks for people like the Kochs?

- Could you please elaborate on what you consider to be "the welfare system" (what does it include)?

- Regarding "work ethic": Are you aware the Kochs inherited their wealth? They didn't "work" for it. In fact, they stole part of it.

- Actually, it appears to me that Art Pope is the "Koch brother" who has been most actively at work in North Carolina promoting a right-wing agenda. (Pope sat on the board of Americans For Prosperity until he was appointed budget director of NC by Governor McCrory.)

- - - - -

The entire exchange with Bob can be viewed here.

From Cliff.

This web site is obviously politically motivated. The country is being destroyed by this kind of propaganda, and I urge you to count the cost of this kind of political agenda. We used to engage one another with an exchange of ideas, but now we destroy our political opponents. We are in the beginning of the end as a result.

My reply:

Well, Cliff, if a desire to expose those who wish to buy the government is "politically motivated", then I plead guilty.

The Kochs have purposely undertaken concerted efforts to try to keep their political activities, propaganda, and influence secret. In a democratic society, we should have the right to know who's buying politicians, paying tens of millions to lobbyists and trying to dismantle government because they wish to continue their environmental assaults on the planet.

If you wish to see REAL political machinery in action, go visit the websites of any of the Koch-funded groups:http://www.boycottkochbrothers.com/kochgroups.shtml
I'd suggest you start at the website of Americans For Prosperity (which should be called Americans For Plutocrats http://www.americansforplutocrats.org )

I dont' know that we really ever "engaged each other".
The League of Women Voters used to sponsor the Presidential Debates. They abandoned it in 1988 because they "refused to perpetuate fraud".

Then there are the political manipulators and the rich -- like the Kochs (vis-a-vis their "Tea Party") -- whose objective is to invoke hate and promote division. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are equally guilty.

What this country needs, Cliff, is a limit on campaign spending. And it needs viable third parties. We are no longer a democracy, for all intents and purposes. We live in (pick your choice) a corporatocracy and/or an oligarchy.

From the National Center for Public Policy Research:

Your website is incorrect. We do not receive funding from either Charles or David Koch nor their affiliated foundations.

My reply:
I advised them their group was listed on a page (near the bottom of the page) with the heading "(Not necessarily funded by the Kochs)" and that I have updated the page to include a link to an article about their group. Further, I noted their group is reportedly funded by Donors Trust, which is in part funded by the Kochs, meaning some of the money they receive may include Kochbucks.

From Bob:

Your flame war against the Koch brothers is out of whack. Of the top 10 political contributors over the last 25 years 7 of them gave predominantly to Democrat causes. There are at least 15 Unions that contribute more than the Kochs (all to the Dems). The #1 biggest contributor is an organization called ActBlue with 99% of their $114 million in donations going to Dems. The Koch brothers are 58 on this list. Here's a link to the list https://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/list.php

My reply:
Unlike many, Bob did include a link to the OpenSecrets article.

Unfortunately, he apparently didn't read it. It plainly states that dark money groups such as the kochs' Americans For Prosperity weren't included. And, of course, the Kochs fund numerous other groups with their "dark money" contributions.

From B:

Hey, I notice there's no information about which oil companies the koch industry owned. When I"m buying gas, I want to know which companies I should boycott.

My reply:
Koch refined products are generally sold through wholesalers. In the case of gasoline, the Kochs may sell to many wholesalers who, in turn, sell to the gas stations. In areas where Koch refineries are located, their refined products may end up and many or most places. Here's an example from Minnesota. If you live in an area where a Koch refinery is located, the best way to avoid enriching the Kochs is to buy an electric vehicle.

From J:

The image on your site (now removed - but it was from this photo) is shameful. Making fun of the developmentally disabled (blog comment about the men in the picturel) is probably not the best way to market yourselves to those most likely to boycott the Kochs.

My reply:

The image is one which has commonly been used throughout the web as an illustration of people being derided (e.g., teabaggers). My use of it was not intended to denigrate anyone, especially the two men in the picture (Dresie and Cassie). However, I have changed the graphic to include an image purchased from a stock photo supplier. . And doing a bit of background research is always a good idea. But I find your concern and comment most worthwhile for its thought-provoking aspect. What you indicated is that those most likely to boycott the Kochs possess human compassion, empathy, and concern for those who may be disadvantaged. In my own opinion, I doubt those qualities rank high for the Kochs or their supporters.

Related: Here's another photo of Dresie and Casie. (source)

From S:

You have done a valuable service by creating this website. I am still technically a Repub. but don't recognize this party anymore. I will boycott GP and the other products from now on and pass the info to my friends. If you are doing other organizing, please let me know how I can help. Thanks!

From DR:

Subject: Lay Off

Why do you bother the Koch brothers? Please leave them alone.
We need freedom of expression, not the silence of lambs---They
speak up for a lot of people. It's these other rich people
you should be worried about: (Huffington Post article).
They are in control, and responsible for where things are heading.

My reply to DR:

The Kochs have as much free speech available to them as you or me. But they want more. In fact, they want to reshape the United States into their distoted view of a plutocrats' Utopia. And they're trying to do it by using their vast wealth to disseminate falsehoods, distortions, and promote divisiveness and its resultant hate. Don't we aleady have an overabundance of ignorance and hate in this country?.

The Kochs' politician friends have already helped them beat charges of massive theft, thanks to Republican senators coming to their rescue. Tell me YOU would get that same form of justice if you stole a loaf of bread. Can you naively believe they won't expect that same sort of quid pro quo from the politicians they are now funding?

As for rich Democrats, well, that's not news. Politicians routinely drive to D.C. the first time in a 12-year-old beat-up pickup truck. 20 years later, they fly back home in a private jet. That's the way politics works: Payola. And if you think Democrats are "in control", you are not paying attention. (Government shutdown, Proration, cuts to food stamps, not renewing extended unemployment benefits, state Republican politicians refusing to expand Medicaid, refusal to approve Presidential appointments, filibusters, Obama extending some tax cuts for the rich, etc.) As for me, I consider both major political parties corrupt and believe we need viable third parties.

And, DR, the Kochs are a major part of the problem. There needs to be some sunlight shone on them, because people need to know what they (and their fellow plutocrat chums) are doing. We do not need any more of an oligarchy than already exists.

From GR:

this is a most informative web site, and i will find it useful in my small effort to effectively boycott all things to do with Koch brothers profit. I will appreciate all information you can provide through this web site. thank you so much.

Rich wrote:

You are being a hater and help devide Am[erica]To signal out a person just because they have different political views and do nothing more than all

your comtribtor for your NC video and to try sell barber as a good uprightious citzen when he's no more that a racist domestic terrorist, And Dr. Vandersloot as caring physician when all he really cares about is the Government pay check he will lose so he can no longer afford the big boats, vac homes, and trips around the world on the hard working tax payer's dollar! So you want to get your point accross, then do it in a responsible way with facts and not propaganda! Change is good except change for the sake of change! And people like say it's offencive to say a Prayer or the plege of Alligence in public, yet things like your page that distorts the facts offends me but that's alright!

Craig wrote:

I'll keep buying their products. Have any of you morons been able to log on to and /or purchase Health Insurance from Obama's bullshit affordable Care act?
Just curious.

[Publisher's comment: Craig demonstrates how the politicians and Kochs have successfully used hate and propaganda to divide us. Actualy, Craig, I'm not a fan of Obamacare. We should have single payer coverage. And there's this. BTW, do you suppose the Kochs have EVER spent time waiting in a doctor's office or worried about going bankrupt because of sky-high medical costs? Nah. BTW, I hope you signed the petition.]

Linda C. wrote:

"Iam appalled to find out that you are supporting George Zimmerman, he is a cold-blooded murder, we the people will not stand for that. He is a coward Not a man"

But she didn't provide her email address for a response:

Well, Linda, I have no idea why you say that. I view Trayvon Martin's murder as criminal. We can thank ALEC (funded and supported by the Kochs) for Florida's "stand your ground" law, the nature of which was included in instructions to the jurors and which the jurors considered as part of their deliberations.

Please direct your outrage at ALEC.
or at Florida's politicians Republicans AND Democrats
or at Florida's voters

or at the Kochs

From Caroline:

Please, please get the word out that the Koch Bros/Tea Party's agenda is becoming more suspect every day.  To destroy our government's economy as well as the world's for you own personal gain, and eventualy causing deaths, is somehow illegal, it seems to me.  Destroying the middle and ower classes could border on genocide, if you check the legal definitions of genocide.  That is not stretching facts at all.  They are dangerous!

From G:

The Koch brothers are a danger to our democracy... they think their money can buy this country & they are a pair of evil fascist oligarcs.  They should be in jail for conspiring to destoy this country... like the movie "Citizen Kane", where people were viewed as "ants", I'm sure that's how the Koch brothers see the 99%.  I'm sick of their "organized crime" & they are no better than the mob.

From W:

More Koch-funded groups:
MIT, Lincoln Center, Smithsonian, Sloan Kettering, Museum of Natural History

[Indeed, and we discuss that here]


Occasionally we receive an email from a bubble dweller. It's usually simply, "Thanks for letting me know what products to buy". Never any reason, or rationale. It's simply an effort to poke -- a common occurrance from right-wing borg.

If you're a bubble dweller,you really SHOULD spend some time at this site familiarizing yourself with the Kochs. They don't care about you. They won't buy you a new pickup truck (unless, perhaps, you run for office as a Republican), and they have nothing to offer this country. Try to get past your master/serf mentality.

Damned Liberal Gear:

DamnedLiberal gear

Bumper Sticker:
Damned Liberal merchandise

Koch gifts

Coming soon to Wichita, Kansas:
The New Improved Chuckie Koch!
Koch plans 4-week trial run of new campaign.

Oh, and if you make over $34,000 per year, Chuckie says YOU are part of the 1% ! (Really!)

The Kochs: Biggest Global-Warming Denial Spenders?


The Kochs Call Spending Hundreds of Millions "Free Speech"
It Looks Like It Also Buys "Get Out Of Jail Free" Cards

Greedy Lying Bastards

Kochsters Continue To Push Climate Denial

Koch Brothers Exposed

       Who Are They? top 


[astro] turf wars (documentary)

Read about Snowden's preference


George Carlin Explains How It Works:

 The Kochs:

A Rich Family of Right-Wing Extremists:
Charles and David's father, Fred C. Koch, was a co-founder of the John Birch Society. He gave a speech in 1963 warning of “a takeover” of America in which Communists would “infiltrate the highest offices of government in the U.S. until the president is a Communist, unknown to the rest of us.

Rich Puppet Masters:
During the 2008 elections, Koch Industries contributed over $1.8 million, 88% to Republican candidates. To further their libertarian beliefs in limited government and a free market, they have supported the Tea Party, in fact "The Koch brothers gave the money that founded it", and they are "trying to shape and control and channel the populist uprising into their own policies." David Koch has praised the Tea Party for demonstrating the “powerful visceral hostility in the body politic against the massive increase in government power, the massive efforts to socialize this country. (source)

From the Jane Mayer article in
The New Yorker, "Covert Operations":

Five hundred people attended the summit, which served, in part, as a training session for Tea Party activists in Texas. An advertisement cast the event as a populist uprising against vested corporate power. “Today, the voices of average Americans are being drowned out by lobbyists and special interests,” it said. “But you can do something about it.” The pitch made no mention of its corporate funders. The White House has expressed frustration that such sponsors have largely eluded public notice. David Axelrod, Obama’s senior adviser, said, “What they don’t say is that, in part, this is a grassroots citizens’ movement brought to you by a bunch of oil billionaires.”    The New Yorker

A Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy:

Hillary Clinton was ridiculed when she
uttered those words during the
Clinton administration.

She was right.
Just take a look at:

Koch-funded groups

Other right-wing groups

They coordinate. They "repeat the message".
They act as a bullhorn to relentlessly
promote their right-wing agenda.

They serve to hide the identity
of big-money donors.

Repeat a lie often enough,
and it becomes the accepted truth.


Greenpeace Updated Report:


       Pollution, Theft, Death: top 

From Wikipedia:

In March 1999, Koch Petroleum Group, a Koch Industries subsidiary, plead guilty to charges that it had negligently dumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of aviation fuel into wetlands near the Mississippi River from its refinery in Rosemount, Minnesota, and that it had also illegally dumped a million gallons of high-ammonia wastewater onto the ground and into the Mississippi River. Koch Petroleum paid the Dakota County Park System a $6 million fine and $2 million in remediation costs, and was ordered to serve three years of probation.

In 1999, a federal jury found that Koch Industries had stolen oil from government and American Indian lands, had lied about its purchases more than 24,000 times, and was fined $553,504.

In January 2000, Koch Industries subsidiary, Koch Pipeline, agreed to a $35 million settlement with the U.S. Justice Department and the State of Texas. This settlement, including a $30 million civil fine, was incurred for the firm's three hundred oil spills in Texas and five other states going back to 1990. The spills resulted in more than three million gallons of crude oil leaking into ponds, lakes, streams and coastal waters.

In 2001, the company reached two settlements with the government. In April, the company reached a $20 million settlement in exchange for admitting to covering up environmental violations at its refinery in Corpus Christi, Texas. That May, Koch Industries paid $25 million to the federal government to settle a federal lawsuit that found the company had improperly taken more oil than it had paid for from federal and Indian land.

In June 2003, the US Commerce Department fined Koch Industries subsidiary Flint Hill Resources a $200,000 civil penalty. The fine settled charges that the company exported crude petroleum from the US to Canada without proper US government authorization. The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security said from July 1997 to March 1999, Koch Petroleum (later called Flint Hill Resources) committed 40 violations of Export Administration Regulations.

In 2006, Koch Industries’ subsidiary Flint Hill Resources was fined nearly $16,000 by the EPA for 10 separate violations of the Clean Air Act at its Alaska oil refinery facilities, and required to spend another $60,000 on safety equipment needed to help prevent future violations.

In 2007, Koch Nitrogen's plant in Enid, Oklahoma, was listed as the third highest company releasing toxic chemicals in Oklahoma, according to the EPA, ranking behind Perma-Fix Environmental Services in Tulsa and Weyerhaeuser Co. in Valliant.[42] The facility produces about 10% of the US national production of anhydrous ammonia, as well as urea and UAN.

In 2009, Koch subsidiary Invista agreed to pay a $1.7 million civil penalty and spend up to $500 million to correct self-reported environmental violations at its facilities in seven states. Prior to the settlement, the company had disclosed to the EPA more than 680 violations after auditing 12 facilities acquired from DuPont in 2004.

In 2010, Koch Industries was ranked 10th on the list of top US corporate air polluters, the “Toxic 100 Air Polluters,” by the Political Economic Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Koch's Sterling butane pipeline had a leak in Lively, Texas, on August 24, 1996. Two teenagers on the way to report the leak drove into the unseen butane cloud, and were killed when the gas exploded and burned. The National Transportation Safety Board concluded that severe external pipeline corrosion was the cause of the failure, and recommended to Koch to improve corrosion evaluation procedures. Although Koch distributed pamphlets about safety around the pipelines, they failed to maintain an up-to-date mailing list. Only 5 out of 45 residences in the area of the accident had received pamphlets. The families of the dead had not.

Is it any wonder they scream for "less government"?

       The Kochtopus : top 
Koch Organizational Chart

Click here to view/enlarge

Groups funded by the Koch brothers
or to which the Koch brothers or Koch Industries belong

- Koch Family Foundations
- Americans for Prosperity (formerly Citizens For A Sound Economy)
- American Highway Users Alliance
- Americans for Tax Reform,
- Freedom Works (formerly Citizens For A Sound Economy)
- American Legislative Exchange Council
- Cato Institute
- Citizens For A Sound Economy Foundation
- Institute for Policy Innovation
- National Petrochemical and Refiners Association
   (Koch Industries is a member)
- National Taxpayers Union
- Natural Gas Supply Association (Koch Industries is a member)
- Reason Foundation (and Reason.com)
- Manhattan Institute
- Heartland Institute
- Democratic Leadership Council
- Texas Prosperity Project

The Kochs' Million Dollar Club


       Art Pope - The Koch of North Carolina top 
Art Pope

Art Pope, Director, Americans For Prosperity (which I prefer to call Americans For Plutocrats)
"The Koch of North Carolina"

Pope "through his family foundations has invested millions in a network of foundations and think tanks, and advocacy groups, both in North Carolina and nationally, that are designed to further conservative and free market ideas."

Founding Chairman of the John Locke Foundation in 1989. The organization advocates lowering taxes and decreasing spending on social welfare programs.

"...three-quarters of the spending by independent groups in North Carolina’s 2010 state races came from accounts linked to Pope. The total amount that Pope, his family, and groups backed by him spent on the twenty-two races was $2.2 million—not that much, by national standards, but enough to exert crucial influence within the confines of one state."
State For Sale (New Yorker article by Jane Mayer)
Art Pope bankrolls candidates dismantling desegregation policy in NC school system

       ALEC Exposed top 


       NOT Affiliated With Koch Industries: top 

Koch Companies:
The following are NOT affiliated with Koch Industries,
as per the website of Koch Companies:


Go to top of page | About

   From the Blog

Chicago Health Commissioner Pissed Off At Kochs

The Kochs are storing their nassssty polluting petcoke in Chicago, and Chicago is not happy about it. The Kochs tried to make a PR end-run around the city by publishing some colorful diagrams of what they say they’ll do. But Chicago’s public health commissioner is NOT pleased. Continue reading

Kochster Borg Flood FCC With Anti-Net Neutrality Comments

Koch-linked radical-right group floods FCC with anti-net neutrality comments. Continue reading

David Koch Says He’s a Social Liberal (Or Maybe an Orangutan)

Davey Koch says he’s a social liberal. What matters is not what he says, but what he does. Much of what he does is an effort to destroy government, democracy, unions, and restoration of serfdom. Continue reading

Kochsters Polluting North Carolina High School Minds

North Carolina gave a Kochster group a $100,000 no-bid contract to prepare “history” lessons. It’s the sort of “history” which promotes the radical-right hate-government agenda of the Kochs. More polluting of young minds. Continue reading

The Mysterious Koch Bank Headquartered In Luxemborg

The Guardian reports on a mysterious Koch bank headquartered in Luxemborg, with a branch in Switzerland. It appears the branch office is primarily just a mailbox. The Koch bank is apparently set up to dodge paying taxes. Its tax, over 4 years, on $208 million in interest income: $10 million (5%). Continue reading

Kochs Use More Money To Pollute Young Minds

The Kochs are teaming up with radical-right John Schnatter (Papa John’s Pizza) to give money to the University of Louisville — another site for Kochonomics propaganda to pollute young minds. Schnatter once said he’d have to cut employee hours because of Obamacare. Yet he managed to find millions to team up with the Kochs. Continue reading

Chicago Groups Fight Kochs Petcoke Disaster

People and environmental groups in Chicago have had enough of the Kochs’ petcoke pollution and demand action. Continue reading

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Polluting Young Minds

UnKoch My Campus

College students opposed to the Kochs' strings-atttached funding.

Koch College Database
See which universities/colleges the Kochs are funding

Article: Charles Koch Foundation’s unique definition of ‘academic freedom’ (Washington Post)

Interfering Locally

It costs less to try to control local issues (rather than national issues). The Kochtopus has been actively involved in State and local issue.
Interfering in Local Issues


Must-Read Articles

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The Making of the Kochtopus
(Mother Jones)

Inside the Koch brothers' toxic empire (Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone)

Covert Operations (Jane Mayer, The New Yorker)

Minmum wage is fascism,
liberals are fascists,
cut regulations to make more profit (HuffPo)

The Koch Brothers
What you need to know about the financiers of the radical right (pdf)

(Center for American Progress Action Fund)


Must-See Videos

The Billionaires' Tea Party

Park Avenue: money, power and the American dream

Great Koch Moments
In History

Kochs Convicted of Theft

Shady Business Practices

Fined for violating election law in California

Kochs' Americans For Prosperity opposes aid for Hurricane Sandy victims 

Kochs favor "free speech" for THEM, but tried to silence their employees -- and told them to vote Republican or risk losing their jobs

California to levy massive fine against Koch brothers group

 Chuckie Koch advocates eliminating the minimum wage

Koch Awards

Koch brothers awards
Rubber Dodo Award

Political Spending

Koch-backed political network, built to shield donors, raised $400 million in 2012 elections

Political spending to date by outside groups

Polluter Watch

Other Plutocrats

Art Pope ("The North Carolina Koch")

 Sheldon Adelson
Josh Jordan

George Soros v. Kochs

Richard "Dick" DeVos Jr.

Bradley Foundation
(assault on public schools)

Joe & Laura Ricketts

Scott Farmer
Farmer Family Foundation
(Cintas cleaning & uniform company)
Heavy donor to AFP & Republican Party
Threatening email to employees

George Soros

Wnen "Koch brothers" is mentioned, the right wing inevitably responds, "Oh yeah? What about Soros?"

Any comparison to Soros (donations to help people, improve society) are false. Comparing Soros' humanitarian donations to the Kochs' selfish, deceptive and self-serving largesse is evidence only that the Soros basher is woefully ignorant.

Unlike the Kochroaches numerous secretive dark money-hiding radical propagandistic shadow groups, most of Soros' spending is open and publicly accessible.

Soros made major political expenditures in the 2004 election--he wanted to ensure Shrub W. Bush was defeated. I don't think anybody can argue with the wisdom of that (even Republicans, if they're honest).

Check out Soros' Open Society Foundations.