The best ways to organize a peaceful political protest

There are some decisions of Government or a particular organization that some people do not accept due to some allegations. These people protest against these decisions and acts and they try to convince the government or their organization to accept their terms. In the developed countries, it is easy to organize the political protest while in the developing countries people face a lot of problems when organizing a political protest.

However, people in the developed countries can also face the problems during a political protest. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you take all the safety precautions before organizing a political protest even if you’re in a developed country. It is your political right to protest against a decision that is not in the favor of a particular group of people but the safety should be one of your major concerns while organizing such a protest.

You may not have any problem with the government but sometimes, the opposition also plays several tricks to ruin the reputation of the ruling party. So, you need to stay safe so that you may not become a victim of any of these tricks. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways of organizing a peaceful and successful political protest.

Informing the local authority

The first and the most important thing you need to do before organizing a political protest is to inform the local authority. It’s extremely important that you take permission from the local authorities so that you may not have to face any problem. If you failed to inform the local authorities, they’ll have the right to shut off this protest whenever they want.

There is no harm in informing the local authority. They won’t stop you at all if you’re going to protest for your rights. The best way to inform the authorities is to send a formal written notice to them.

Hiring security guard services

Security should be one of your major concerns if you’re looking to organize a peaceful political event. You may take help from the local authorities to organize the security for your event or you may also take help from the best event security services to provide complete security for your event. This will help make sure that all the participants will remain safe during the protest.

Educating the protestors

You need to educate the protestors to stay calm and peaceful during the protest. A false act from any of the participant can make you suffer from the major problems so you need to teach them to stay calm at any cost. If they face any difficulty or problem, they should take help from the security services instead of dealing with the problem on their own.

These are the best ways of organizing a peaceful protest so if you want to make a protest become successful, you must keep all these things in your mind.

Efficient Ways To Protect Your Skin On The Beach

If you are going to the beach then apart from having fun you also have to be careful about the effect of the sun on your skin. This is the reason that you need to follow some tips about skin care on the beach. The risk of sun burn and damage from the sun on the shore is the maximum compared to any other place. Let us look at some tips to protect your skin on the beach.

  • Discontinue use of exfoliants – If you use exfoliants regularly, then it increases the sun sensitivity of the skin by about 45%. It is advisable to stop using this one week before going to the beach.
  • Sunscreen lotion – Apart from the SPF number its efficiency also depends on the number of times you apply and the quantity you use. I prefer to use SPF 30 every one hour on the beach
  • Beach Umbrella – One of the best ways to protect your skin from the sun is by avoiding the sun as much as possible.  We suggest buying your own umbrella at places like Walmart, or you can find some cheap versions online too (ร่มดี) if you’re on a budget.
  • Be aware of areas of skin which are oily – The areas of the facial skin with larger pores always produce more oil. These natural oils can decrease the effect of sunscreen quickly, hence if you have oily skin or oily areas on the skin, then you should apply sunscreen more often. For instance, the nose area on most people’s face is the oiliest.
  • Apply skin in forgotten areas – When you apply sunscreen, you often forget the ears, hairline, toes, tops of feet, and eyelids. These are the areas that you should pay special attention to.
  • The shade may not be safe – Even under an umbrella, you get the sun especially when you are near the ocean. This is because the water reflects the sun rays and hence you need to apply and reapply sun screen lotion. Do not think that you are safe under an umbrella.
  • Wearing a hat and sunglasses – It is a good idea to wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your facial skin from premature aging due to exposure to the sun if you frequent the beach often.
  • What if you have acne? – The salt in the sea helps in destroying bacteria that cause acne. Thus going for a swim in the ocean can help clear breakout. If you have oily acne prone skin, then you should use a sun screen that is suitable for your skin.
  • Rinse off the salt water – the salt water that kills bacteria is also very dehydrating which is good for blemishes but not for dry skin. Make sure to rinse off the salt water with plain water before you leave the beach. Then go home and take a thorough bath with a bathing gel.
  • Wear mineral makeup – Most mineral powders have an SPF rating of 20, and this will give you extra protection. They will give you a finished made up look without being too heavy for the beach. I use good quality mineral make up which protects my skin on the beach.

When I have applied sun screen and got sun burned in spite of that, I have noticed that either I applied too little sun screen or not repeated often enough. Sun screen efficiency can be reduced due to sweat and water; this is the reason that you should reapply sun screen every one hour at least and more in the oily areas of the skin.  

beach chairs review

Thai military government doesn’t advise to bring beach chairs

beach chairs reviewThe first part of Thai military government anti-corruption test started three years ago, with the controversial decision to ban vendors from renting beach chairs, umbrellas, and other paraphernalia. This was the official reason for making the decision, but there were other speculations. One that prevailed was addressing the anti-corruption movement, which should raise the effectiveness of Thai government effort in dealing with the vendors.

What cluttered beaches and corruption have in common

The golden wire in the Thailand economy is tourism. Beautiful sandy beaches, warm climate, and several exotic islands gave this country all the resources to set up a profitable business. As with many other tourist attractions, one thing leads to another, and checking out beach chairs reviews for your upcoming vacation is pointless now. Local business owners and service providers soon started to expand their offer, which poured the money into the pockets. However, since 2014 when the military government was established, the things slowly began to change.

The government enforced a strict regulation on the businesses that are operating at Phuket’s beaches and made them withdraw their services. That includes cleaning up the beaches by removing beach chairs and umbrellas from some of the Thailand’s most famous beaches on Phuket island.

The beach chair mafia

At the time the government issued the ban on using the umbrellas and beach chairs on public beaches, the government officials raised the question on “beach chair mafia.” Although they didn’t offer a formal proof for this claim, the government used this statement as the primary argument for anti-corruption movement. However, some tourists have reported that renting beach chairs and umbrellas on Phuket’s beaches had become a profitable business. The locals were competing in a high-margin market to get their products to the visitors, but the government apparently wasn’t delighted by these activities.

The initial results of government’s anti-corruption test were negative, as local business owners and tourists felt angry because of the restrictive measures. The actions caused a rise in unemployment rate in this area of Thailand, which left many families without a steady income. On the other hand, tourists were also surprised by these measures, mainly because they couldn’t take their beach chairs and umbrellas with them.

Updates on beach anti-corruption movement

A few months ago, the news broke about Thai government release of 2014 ban of clutter on Phuket beaches. Although the government stated that the comeback of sun loaders and umbrellas is a temporary measure, the locals and tourists greeted the moving forward regarding this matter. Two out of nine beaches support the rent of beach chairs and umbrellas, but only in restricted areas of the beaches. The rule of the “10% zone” is a sign of release from the 2014 ban, but the question of how long will this measure be useful remains.

There are still speculations on the reasons behind the reversal of the 2014 policy, and the results of the three-year ban are still under the light of the public eye in Thailand.

If you’d had a chance to ask a psychic one question, what it would be?

What’s the single most important question you would ask a psychic? Is it about health? Love? Relationships? Some secret desire or a goal? Whatever it may be, you better prepare for that first reading session.

Your questions can be powerful, simple or complicated. But, if you want to get the best result from a session, here are some really interesting tips how you can ask a psychic one free question.

ask psychic one free question

#1 Don’t ask “yes-or-no” questions

One of the first “rules” to know before you head to the psychics is that she/he can’t answer the “yes-or-no” questions for you. It won’t give you the desired outcome. A psychic usually can help with questions that require more complex questions. The best piece of advice, therefore, is asking a question that will allow the psychic to answer it by presenting you several possible alternatives to it.

#2 Don’t narrow the focus of your question

Questions like “Will he marry me?” or “Am I going to get that job?” aren’t helpful. The psychic cannot give you the best answer if you narrow the focus of the question. Life isn’t that simple, and you have to make a room for a bigger picture. Instead of asking “Will he marry me?” try to describe your situation by saying “I’m in a relationship for 3 years, and I feel like I’m ready for the next step. Do you see this as my future or not?”

#3 Ask something that you are really interested in

ask psychic a question

Don’t take a psychic’s job to lightly – they are not your mentors or tutors. They don’t suppose to guide you through your life by telling you what to do. Instead, they are assisting you to get to know your future and the upcoming possibilities. It’s totally up to you whether you’ll decide to follow a suggested path or not. Thus it’s very important to ask a question that is truly important to you, and which you cannot resolve by yourself.

#4 Ask something that’s bugging your mind for a while

The questions that really bug our mind are usually the ones that we cannot answer by ourselves. We cannot see the bigger picture, or we’re too afraid to make a decision because we’re worried about the outcome. That’s where a psychic could help you. They can usually see much further than you can, and give you insights that will help you in seeing the opportunities ahead of you.

#5 Don’t be impatient

If you think that a psychic can give you an answer in under 5 minutes, you are wrong. A session usually takes some time – and patience. If you’re not committed to the session, you won’t get the answers you’re looking for. Be patient and you will hear some amazing things about yourself, people around you and your path.

ask a psychic

#6 Be open to whatever answer you get

We bet you’d wish to hear only the nice things about you and your future. But the truth is you must be prepared for the bad ones, too. Psychics will reveal the circumstances as they are, but cannot affect the way it will turn out to be in relation to your life. Whether something is good or bad is only dependent on how you understand those two qualities.

Comparing hair and dress codes for women across different countries

The hair and dress codes of all the countries and continents are different from each other. There are some countries where women are focused on looking hot and sexy, therefore, they wear tights and shorts to look beautiful. Similarly, they also focus on wearing some hairstyles that may help improve their looks and beauty.

There are some other countries where women are strictly forbidden to wear such dresses and they’re bound to wear the dress that may help in hiding all their body parts. And they’re even forced to wear a scarf on their face. These are all the traditions of different countries and cultures. So, we have nothing to say about the traditions and cultures. However, today we’ll talk about some dress codes and hairstyles that are popular all around the world.

We can’t cover the dress codes of all the countries in such a short article, therefore, we have decided to talk about some famous hairstyles and dress codes that will cover some aspects of all other dress codes. Here are some of the hair and dress codes that are popular all around the world.

Jeans and T-shirt

Jeans and T-shirt is a very common costume that is worn almost in every country. There are plenty of designs available that are suitable for different regions. Usually, American, European, and Russian women wear this type dress. The Russian women usually wear such type of dress throughout the year as they do not have any other option because the region they’re living is intense cold. However, they still look super sexy in this dress as well. Long straight hair fashion is very among the women that like to wear and Jeans and T-shirts because the long straight hairs suit them the most. However, some of the also like to have a bob cut as it is also a suitable hairstyle for t-shirts.


The saree is the most common dress of Asian countries. India is the main origin of this dress code as it became popular all around the world due to the Indian women.  The Indian women are very careful about hiding their body parts, therefore, they consider wearing such type of dresses. Indian women like to have long straight hair due to the dress they usually wear. However, the trend is changing now and the new generation has started wearing jeans and skirts to look beautiful.

Short skirts

The short skirts are very popular in the Japanese and Chinese women as they look very beautiful and gorgeous in this type of dress. Most of the Chinese women like to have Peruvian hair because this type of hairstyle is perfect for the short skirts. The short skirts are also common in European countries but they do not wear them more often.