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The Koch brothers, in their selfish quest for more money and power,
continue to assault the working men and women of America.

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These arrogant ego-centric scheming greedy assholes represent a danger
to the working class and to democracy.

Tweedledum and Tweedledumber

[And we must overturn the Kochs]

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Noam Chomsky on the Republican Party:

Tar Sands Sludge:
The Kochs want more money.
Fuck the environment.
Fuck the American consumers.

Keystone XL will create 35 full-time jobs
Koch brothers still funding climate change denial

The Oligarchs Tighten Their Grip on America

How the Koch brothers turned into political power brokers:

Your vote counts less than the Kochs' money.

FWB site
FWB Site

The Kochs' Anti-Civil Rights Roots:
New Docs Expose Charles Koch's Ties to John Birch Society

Imagine what the Kochs' warped minds
would like to do to the United States

Read more about Chuckie's John Birch connections

A Shill for the Kochs?

Read about it at
Firedog Lake


The Kochs: A Long History of
Secrecy, Political Involvement,
Massive Political Spending, and Propaganda

Triad Management

Triad Management was a front group for the politically active, conservative oil billionaires Charles and David Koch, that they used to manipulate the outcomes of elections across the country for House and Senate races. Jane Mayer, a reporter for The New Yorker magazine, wrote about Triad Management in an August 30, 2010 article, saying

  In 1997, another Senate investigation began looking into what a minority report called “an audacious plan to pour millions of dollars in contributions into Republican campaigns nationwide without disclosing the amount or source,” in order to evade campaign-finance laws. A shell corporation, Triad Management, had paid more than three million dollars for attack ads in twenty-six House races and three Senate races. More than half of the advertising money came from an obscure nonprofit group, the Economic Education Trust. The Senate committee’s minority report suggested that “the trust was financed in whole or in part by Charles and David Koch of Wichita, Kansas.” The brothers were suspected of having secretly paid for the attack ads, most of which aired in states where Koch Industries did business. In Kansas, where Triad Management was especially active, the funds may have played a decisive role in four of six federal races. The Kochs, when asked by reporters if they had given the money, refused to comment. In 1998, however, the Wall Street Journal confirmed that a consultant on the Kochs’ payroll had been involved in the scheme. Charles Lewis, of the Center for Public Integrity, described the scandal as “historic. Triad was the first time a major corporation used a cutout”—a front operation—“in a threatening way. Koch Industries was the poster child of a company run amok.


The Koch Primary
(and what it means for climate)



Koch Brothers Exosed, 2014 Edition

Koch cartel blocking Medicaid expansion, denying hundreds of thousands care
Koch money is not "free speech" -- it is ownership of politicians and control of government.
Koch brothers quietly seek to ban new mass transit in Tennesse
(Mass transit could reduce oil sales -- and Koch profits)
Koch Brothers Sink to a New Low to Undermine Public Education


Mobilizing the Rich to Change the Balance of Power™
An excerpt from a book about the Kochs, "Sons of Wichita"

Other Toxic Waste
Attacking America and Working Americans:

Rick Berman, Berman & Co.

Want to better understand the Kochs
and their "free enterprise" economics?

Learn more about capitalism:
The Game is Rigged, by Richard Wolff

Here's another example of the Kochs' "Free Enterprise" philosophy
at work: Billionaire Warren Buffet's Clayton Homes,
which financially abuses low-income people

Buffett’s mobile home empire promises low-income Americans the dream of homeownership. But Clayton relies on predatory sales practices, exorbitant fees, and interest rates that can exceed 15 percent, trapping many buyers in loans they can’t afford and in homes that are almost impossible to sell or refinance, an investigation by The Center for Public Integrity and The Seattle Times has found.

The Center for Public Integrity

The Kochs' Establishment and Funding of the Teabaggers

An Exercise in Controlling or Overthrowing
Democracy and Government
by the Plutocrats

"Wall Street on Parade" offers a bit of history behind the teabaggers, started by Koch groups in 2002, to help Big Tobacco fight the government.

From a Koch-group-created "Tea Party" website in 2002:
In 2002, our U.S. Tea Party is a national event, hosted continuously online, and open to all Americans who feel our taxes are too high and the tax code is too complicated. Take the quiz and dump some tea!
READ THE ARTICLE at Wall Street on Parade:
"Faux Democracy and the Tea Party: How Far Back Does It Go?

The Kochs Founded and Funded the Teabaggers:


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Editorial Opinion:
Why the Koch brothers represent a danger to the U.S.

Given their weath, influence, and power, the Kochs are in a privileged postion. They can buy politicians, they spend heavily on lobbying, and they fund numerous groups focused on the Koch agenda. They can effectively hide behind these groups, and all the groups can broadcast the same Koch message -- which serves to (falsely) legitimize it.

They have raised, and spent, astronomically huge sums in an effort to effectively buy government -- by buying politicians. They now have tremendous influence in the Republican Party.

Through their radica-right group called "Americans For Prosperity" (AFP, which would be better named "Americans For Plutocrats"), they have been interfering on the local and state level. AFP sends deceptive and misleading mailers, engages in deceptive robo calls, and was a major force in forming and promoting teabagger groups. With a paid staff and a presence in 43 or so states, AFP is an insidious force, working to enact the Koch agenda.

Koch talk about "economic freedom" revolves primarily around policies which would serve to further enrich the Kochs and harm the working class. They want to destroy government and government agencies which protect people from polluters like the Kochs.

The Kochs are major funders of the American Legisllative Exchange Council (ALEC), an insidious marriage of corporations and (mostly Republican) politicians. Corporations draft laws in consort with the politicians they own, and those laws get introduced into state legislatures.

The Kochs, with other Big Oil corporations, are funders of climate change denial and opposition to renewable energy like rooftop solar cells.

The United States is now effectively an oligarchy, with corporations and plutocrats like the Kochs controlling government and oppressing the working class.

Thanks to the Kochs, we are on our way to a return to serfdom.

Both Democratic and Republican politicians sell themselves to the highest bidder. We need change, and we need to send the duopoly a message: "We are fed up with you".

We need viable third parties, like the Green Party, which accepts no corporate donations.

Your vote means nothing. We are always relegated to voting for the least-worst candidate, and that candidate comes from the corrupt Democratic Party or the more corrupt Republican Party. If you plan to vote for a Democrat or a Republican, I recommend you just sit out the next election. Whomever you vote for will not serve you.



Fred Koch, the father of Chuckie and Davey, helped found the John Birch Society.
Chuckie was a member of the Birchers.
Davey ran for vice-president on the 1980 Libertarian ticket.

Below is the 1980 Libertarian platform.
There is no reason to believe the Kochs do not still hold these radical views.